How Richard Blair Takes Care of His Clients

Wealth advisor, Richard Blair is changing the lives and finances of people in Austin, Texas. Those who seek top-level services know to seek out the help of Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Blair has been deemed one of the most educated and well qualified advisors in the country. Blair seeks to help individuals protect their financial future with the help of a well thought out process.


One of the ways he does this is by letting clients know that they will be developing a financial plan. The only way he believes to pursue a sound financial future is to come up with a plan including managing their current wealth and planning for their future retirement as well. What is the plan? It is a three pillar plan that covers every inch of an individual’s financial world.


The first pillar is sitting down to lay out the financial road map. This is a period of investigation in which an individual’s strengths tolerance, growth, and otherwise are assessed. The purpose of this to understand where a client is coming from. Unless Blair knows what he has to work with he cannot make a fair assessment of an individual.


The second pillar is designed to help an individual come up with a long-term strategy. It isn’t always the short-term that he wants to know but the long-term goals of a client as well. It all matters. The hope is that should a problem arise the client would not feel as though they are folding. It’s all about stability for Blair, and he wants to pass this onto his clients.


Once Blair has covered the most basic foundation of an individual’s finances, he begins to look at their insurance needs so that they can protect what they have and what they have now planned for ahead. Most individuals only think of their finances as what is happening in the present. They often fail to see that their future is going to be greatly impacted by life changes. This is why saving is important, but furthermore this is about being prepared for what lies ahead and that is unknown.


Richard Blair made the decision to help others with their finances because his mother and grandmother were both teachers. His ability to take those skills and transfer them into helping people plan for their future and finances was appealing to him, and he started Wealth Solutions in 1994.


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Hussain Sajwani Has a Global Plan

As a boy, Hussain Sajwani worked long hours after school for his father in the family variety store. Selling consumer items, Chinese imports, and office products, young Hussain plainly told his father that he would eventually have no interest in becoming a self-employed businessman because the hours were too brutal.

He thought that he would just get a degree and become a professional so he could work normal hours.

Sajwani did have the opportunity to attend the University of Washington in the United States where he received a degree in engineering and economics. He then obtained a position as an engineer with a gas company in Dubai.

He did not remain in that position for long, however, as an opportunity came up which he embraced fully. He had learned that hard work pays off if you are in business for yourself, as opposed to his childhood oath.

Sajwani’s opportunity was the chance to provide the food for the US Army during the Gulf Wars in the Iraq and Kuwait regions and he formed a catering company to do so, which turned out to be a great success. The catering experience did a lot for him in learning how to organize and run a large organization.

In 2002 Sajwani founded DAMAC Properties, a real estate management, and development firm. The UAE had announced a general relaxation of the requirements regarding the immigration of foreign nationals.

Sajwani correctly visualized the need for property sales and accommodations for people coming into the country. He had predicted a real estate boom and now he was ready for it.

Sajwani had the ability and foresight to be a great promoter and marketer. His abilities in these areas got his new company off to a roaring beginning. His very first project was so successful that it was completely sold our even before any construction had commenced on the project.

To date, the DAMAC owner has built 19,000 apartments and there is another 44,000 in various stages of being built and finished. DAMAC has been the very foundation of security and growth for the Hussain Sajwani family, as there are several family members who hold key management positions in the company.

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David McDonald Has Dedicated His Career To OSI Group

Dave McDonald has made many excellent moves as the Chief Operations Officer of OSI Group. The company is built on the concept of growth and creating opportunities for their team members. Their business model also supports continued development in order to present the best product for its clients. OSI Group acquired Baho Foods in a measure to push forward and open new doors within a very competitive industry. David McDonald is excited about the partnership because Baho Foods has a 60-year track record of success. The relationship will diversify the OSI Group profile in food manufacturing.

OSI Group acquired local food manufacturer Tyson Foods. Tyson Foods is a Chicago-based company that had been in operation for many years. However, it was planning to close and leave nearly 500 people out of work by doing so. David McDonald was able to supervise this evolution and keep the employees of Tyson Foods in an employed status.

Flagship Food Group is yet another European outlet to assist OSI Group with its goals. Flagship Food Group is a growing company in the region that has made acquisitions of its own. David McDonald and the Flagship Food Group staff believe that both organizations will benefit from the relationship. Flagship Food Group specializes in mayonnaise and various other sauces, which brings a new market share to OSI’s profile.

David McDonald is a thorough leader who has analyzed the management structure of OSI very carefully. He made some adjustments in the China region that brought the district up to acceptable standards. David implemented a crew that would travel internationally inspecting operation methods. The team is intended to hold leaders accountable and make sure that proceduers are on acceptable levels in all phases of the organization.

David McDonald was born and raised in the state of Iowa. He attended Iowa State University and completed a bachelor’s degree of animal science. David McDonald began with OSI Group immediately after college and has been a member of the company ever since. His successful work ethic has elevated him to the top position.

OSI Group is an organization that prides itself on retaining the talent that it recruits. There is a very low turnover rate with the organization because the recruiting process makes sure that the company brings in the type of people who want to remain with the organization. There are currently more than 20,000 people working for OSI Group internationally.

Securus Technologies Is Optimistic About Possible Future Products

Securus Technologies has been providing correctional facilities, law enforcement and public safety agencies with many helpful technology solutions for over thirty years. The company is now in the midst of creating new products and services to help improve the incarceration environment tenfold. I looked into some of Securus Technologies latest services and most will be beneficial for the inmates and how they could easily connect to their loved ones.


The future for building a positive experience for those incarcerated include: lowering the pricing for inmates, additional video calls, increase the usage of inmate’s products, a 24/7 communication opportunities and smart device penetration at a hundred percent to name a few. Securus Technologies says that in the future, inmates will be able to use their device to access videos, text messages, receive virtual funding, emails, further their education online and search for job opportunities. The devices and products used in these facilities are closely monitored with advanced security features to prevent possible crimes and threats. The CEO of Securus Technologies, Richard Smith, believes that they are relatively close to implementing all of these things. The company has served over 3,450 law enforcement and correctional agencies from all around North America and provided communication services to over 1,200,000 inmates.


Companies are Winners with Madison Street Capital

Madison Street Capital is a company that helps businesses resolve debt issues. The company also helps in the category of mergers and acquisitions as well. The main goal of Madison Street Capital is to help middle market businesses by giving the companies sound financial advice. Madison Street Capital tries to offer companies the best advice possible given the situation. Earlier this year, Madison Street Capital won the prize for Debt Financing Deal of the Year at the Mergers and Acquisitions Awards held in New York City,

The Madison Street Capital reputation has only grown after winning this prestigious award. The award was given to Madison SStreet Captial after a successful transaction with the company WLR Automotive. Madison Street Capital was one of more than six hundred- fifty competitors in that single category alone. The company was also in the running for two other awards as well. The categories were Best Boutique Banking Firm of the Year and Financial Deal of the Year. Winning an award like this is proof that Madison Street Capital is highly regarded among its peers in the group. CEO Charles Botchway is very pleased that Madison Street Capital has won in the category of debt finance. The Mergers and Acquisitions Awards are the cream of the crop when it comes to a business like this one. It is a business that wants to help other businesses succeed.

One way that Madison Street Capital does this is by taking detailed analysis f the business they are working with. Madison Street Capital can help a middle market business by assessing the company’s value. The advisors use the latest financial tools to accomplish this and give a fair and honest value of the company. Then the advisors at Madison Street Capital help the company in the difficult market of buying and selling other companies. They make sure that the transitions are completed as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Madison Street Capital has years of experience when it comes to middle market businesses and the complicated world of mergers and acquisitions. They are here to lend a very helping hand. Learn more:

Luiz Carlos Trabuco: The New Face Pf Banco Bradesco

When Luiz Carlos Trabuco joined Banco Bradesco in 1968 as a clerk, he was only seventeen. He never thought that he would one day be the chief executive officer of one of the largest private banks in Brazil. However, the position (CEO) was not handed to him on a silver platter. Mr. Trabuco had to work hard. He had to demonstrate to the board of directors that he shared Amador Aguiar’s (founder of Banco Bradesco) vision of creating a customer-centric institution.

Before assuming the role of CEO, Trabuco served at various senior-level positions within the bank including department director, managing director, and executive vice president. Mr. Trabuco surprised many with his unique leadership style. His strategies focused on improving the bank’s internal efficiencies, pursuing organic growth, and increasing product and service offerings.

Mr. Trabuco modernized Banco Bradesco’s communications when he established a relationship with the financial press of Brazil. This move greatly improved the bank’s recognition among consumers in Brazil. The executive also introduced a corporate university, Unibrad, that would help the bank achieve its mission. Unibrad took the top honors at the 2017 GlobalCCU Awards, as “Best Corporate University Leader of the Year.”

Read more: Bradesco begins selection of new president

Early Life and Education

Luiz Carlos was born in 1951 in Marilia. He received his first degree from the University of the Sao Paulo de Marilia. For his postgraduate studies, he attended Fundacao School of Sociology and Politics of Sao Paulo.

About Banco Bradesco S.A.

Banco Bradesco S.A. is a commercial bank headquartered in Osasco, Sao Paulo. The bank provides financial and banking products and services to companies, institutions, corporations, and individuals. It operates in two sectors; Insurance sector and Financial sector.

Insurance Group Sector – This segment provides insurance services to Bradesco’s clients through different pension plans, capitalization bond, and insurance companies. The services offered include capitalization bonds, life, automobile, health and patrimonial insurance. It also offers pension plans like corporate and individual plans, pension investment contracts and certified saving plans.

Financial Sector – The financial sector is made up of holding companies and financial institutions. These institutions are responsible for providing clients with consortium and asset management services, investment banking activities, checking and savings accounts, loans, and cash management solutions.

The History of Banco Bradesco

Banco Bradesco was established in 1943 by Amador Aguiar as Banco Brasileiro de Descontos. The bank later changed its name to Bradesco in 1988 when it merged with three of its subsidiaries – consumer credit, real estate finance and investment bank subsidiaries.

After the Brazilian military coup in the mid-1960, the country experienced a period of economic expansion, prosperity, and low inflation. Banco Bradesco took advantage of the economic growth and more than doubled its branch offices through acquisitions according to This included the acquisition of 17 banks throughout Brazil including 105 branch offices of INCO-Banco in 1973 and 200 branch offices of Banco da Bahia in 1967.

Today, the financial institution has continued to grow to become the third-largest bank as well as the second-largest privately held commercial bank in Brazil. It operates through a network of 5,314 branch offices and three international branches (one in New York and two in Grand Cayman). The bank also has affiliates and financial subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Mexico, Bueno Aires, Grand Cayman, Luxembourg, and London.


Daniel Taub: Keeping the United Kingdom and Israel Unified

When looking at the world of politics, it can be a tricky process but a rewarding one. Daniel Taub looked at it as an opportunity to serve. Though he had to give up his citizenship in the United Kingdom, Taub was looking at the reward the two countries would receive in the form of continued diplomacy. Taub served as the Ambassador of the State of Israel to the Court of St. James from June of 2011 to September of 2015. His time there was marked with an extreme amount of success. Not only was Taub nominated for the Grassroot Diplomat Initiative Award for his collaboration with Google to create a Bizcamp start-up competition, but during his tenure, the trade between the United Kingdom and Israel increased to $8 billion.


As his time in office ended, he sat down with The Jewish Chronicle at to discuss his exit. In the article, “Farewell Mr. Ambassador: Interview with Daniel Taub” published on the author talks to Taub about his time in office and what might be next for him. Daniel Taub looks at his time in office as overall very successful. Though he has been compared to other great ambassadors, Taub explains that he did what he did in service of two countries that have given him so many opportunities. The issues that he championed for his government saw a lot of traction and he acted as a strong international mouthpiece for national interests. During his time, he increased trade and awareness. He interviewed with organizations such as CNN, the BBC, and Newsnight. In those appearances, he made sure that everything he did was a reflection on the Israeli government and that he was generating positive press for their causes.


While the door closes on this chapter of his life, Daniel Taub is not a sad man. He was about to accomplish a lot during his appointment and he says that he is grateful for the opportunity to serve. His actions truly made a tremendous impact on global relations, particularly in Israel. His love for both countries has been apparent through all the work that he has done for both. He explains that while he will miss working with the governments and people he once did daily, the very nature of the position dictates change. The future looks bright for Daniel Taub and he is certainly not done yet. He will continue to positively impact lives well into the future.


Bob Reina Gives a Very Valuable Gift to People

Bob Reina is one of the most innovative businessmen in his industry. He has not only built an app that is very useful for entrepreneurs and marketers, but he has also been involved in philanthropy. One major example of his acts of philanthropy is his million dollar gift to animal shelters. Bob Reina has admitted to having an affinity for animals and pets. This is a very admirable thing for Bob to do. He has shown that he has tons of ideas on how he can bring help to people and animals within the community. His work is based on what he can do for customers.


With Talk Fusion, Bob Reina has solved a really big challenge for marketers. One of the most common methods of marketing for business owners is video. However, another common form of marketing that people recommend for online businesses is email marketing. This involves setting up a list of people to get in regular contact with. There was one issue. For the longest time, video email was not available. Bob Reina has discovered that and has looked for ways to bring forth that feature. Many people said that it just couldn’t be done. However, it is likely that they have said the same thing with video on the internet at some point. Learn more:


After experimentation and research, Bob Reina has eventually developed the Talk Fusion app which enables people to do video email. This not only makes it easier for people to connect with one another online, but also makes it easier for people to market their business and their products to their customers so that they will have an easier time selling those products. Talk Fusion enables other marketers to eventually be successful and be able to do some of the same acts of philanthropy that Bob does.


Fabulous Fabletics; taking over the athletic wear world

In today’s busy world, more people than ever are looking for trustworthy companies that make it easier and more convenient for the every day shopper. Kate Hudson’s up and coming athletic brand, Fabletics, is really making a statement in the online retailing market. Much of the success that Fabletics is achieving can be credited towards the outstanding customer reviews that it is receiving online.

The term “the power of the crowd” is used to describe the companies ability to gain and keep clients and or customers due to their great reviews and success stories posted on the internet. Since the company began back in 2013, they have seen exponential growth by more than 200%, with more than 1 million current paying members. The director of marketing, Shawn Gold states that much of their success is in fact due to their willingness to listen to the customer and make changes accordingly. The overall success of a company primarily depends on its customers therefore, it makes sense to base your business plan around them.

Leveraging the power of the crowd is increasingly becoming one of the smartest and most important business practices that a company can have due to both the availability and reliability of online sources. A recent study found that 84% of people trust online reviews and feedback just as much as a personal recommendation. People are taking to the online community every experience they have both good and bad which is excellent for the consumer because it is a way to create more transparency in a company. The trust and loyalty that Fabletics has gained is truly due to their honest approach to business and listening to and tending to the wants and needs of their customers.

Despite some negative feedback from other celebrities, Kate Hudson is proving herself to be quite a great business partner and entrepreneur. She not only invested her money into the business but also more importantly her time and attention. She works closely with the team when designing new items, and has been said to be very hands on and great to work with “Almost Famous Star”. She never takes herself too seriously, and is always having fun on the job.

Not only is Kate involved with the design aspect of the business but she is also making important customer relations decisions as well as creating and maintaining budget plans. Kate started to realize that some of the negative feedback Fabletics was receiving online was due to the shortage of certain popular products, so rather than sit back and ignore the feedback, she did something about it and upped their inventory on those particular items. It is such business practices that really make a company go from good to great.

Overall, Fabletics has proven itself to be a great up and coming business with unlimited potential. If you don’t believe it, go see for yourself and take a couple of minutes to complete the lifestyle quiz to find out what Fabletics attire would be perfect for you!

Mike Baur on the role of tech startups in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the largest economies in the world. Thanks to the capability of the Swiss tech industry to provide thousands of jobs to the highly-skilled people. Swiss has benefited from all major innovations ranging from software engineer to “tech-preneurship”. This has enabled Switzerland to remain ahead of most countries in the world.


One question that lingers in the mind of experts is how Switzerland has remained innovative while other countries still lag behind by far. The difference is that Switzerland has invested in tech startups, unlike other countries. Today there are thousands of tech startups all over Switzerland. One important thing to note about the tech industry is that it’s dominated by large corporations. These corporations are not able to address all issues faced by the industry. The small companies, therefore, fill in the space left. They come up with solutions to address the common consumer needs. Once the consumer gain confidence in the startups, they start earning revenue.


Startups create a competition between the small companies and the big companies which in turn lead to more resources being channeled towards research and tech development. This ultimately helps the end consumer since their needs keep on being addressed. Startups usually concentrate on particular areas of technology. This means they are able to concentrate on one area and conduct thorough studies. This can result in revolutionary ideas that lead to huge growth in the industry.


Startups also have another benefit to the society. It creates confidence in entrepreneurs that they can also start their businesses and grow them into big companies. Startups inspire young people to turn their ideas into businesses through which they can earn huge rewards. They also encourage people that they do not have to rely on formal employment, they can start they own businesses and earn from them.


Professionals and business experts in Switzerland have recognized this important aspect of helping young entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas. One such professional is Mike Baur, of the Swiss Startup Factory. He helps upcoming entrepreneurs by mentoring and training them on ways to make startups grow. Swiss Startup Factory was started in 2014, by Mike Baur and his partner after he left the banking industry where he had served for close to 20 years. He had worked with the UBS and the Clariden Leu banks of Switzerland. Mike Baur through the experience he has in financial and general business management prides in helping a big number of startup grow into big companies today.