Mike Baur on the role of tech startups in Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the largest economies in the world. Thanks to the capability of the Swiss tech industry to provide thousands of jobs to the highly-skilled people. Swiss has benefited from all major innovations ranging from software engineer to “tech-preneurship”. This has enabled Switzerland to remain ahead of most countries in the world.


One question that lingers in the mind of experts is how Switzerland has remained innovative while other countries still lag behind by far. The difference is that Switzerland has invested in tech startups, unlike other countries. Today there are thousands of tech startups all over Switzerland. One important thing to note about the tech industry is that it’s dominated by large corporations. These corporations are not able to address all issues faced by the industry. The small companies, therefore, fill in the space left. They come up with solutions to address the common consumer needs. Once the consumer gain confidence in the startups, they start earning revenue.


Startups create a competition between the small companies and the big companies which in turn lead to more resources being channeled towards research and tech development. This ultimately helps the end consumer since their needs keep on being addressed. Startups usually concentrate on particular areas of technology. This means they are able to concentrate on one area and conduct thorough studies. This can result in revolutionary ideas that lead to huge growth in the industry.


Startups also have another benefit to the society. It creates confidence in entrepreneurs that they can also start their businesses and grow them into big companies. Startups inspire young people to turn their ideas into businesses through which they can earn huge rewards. They also encourage people that they do not have to rely on formal employment, they can start they own businesses and earn from them.


Professionals and business experts in Switzerland have recognized this important aspect of helping young entrepreneurs who have innovative ideas. One such professional is Mike Baur, of the Swiss Startup Factory. He helps upcoming entrepreneurs by mentoring and training them on ways to make startups grow. Swiss Startup Factory was started in 2014, by Mike Baur and his partner after he left the banking industry where he had served for close to 20 years. He had worked with the UBS and the Clariden Leu banks of Switzerland. Mike Baur through the experience he has in financial and general business management prides in helping a big number of startup grow into big companies today.

How To Earn Money With Traveling Vineyard

Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling company that sells wines to customers in the US. The company’s direct sellers are known as Wine Guides. The company was founded in 2001. In 2010 the company filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. In the same year 2010 Richard Libby, the current CEO, and a group of investors purchased the company and restructured it. The company has grown tremendously and as of May, 2017 it has 5000 Wine Guides in over 30 states in the US.

Wine Guides make sales by using their social networks to organize wine tasting events. The wine tasting events are free and usually occur in people’s homes. The Wine Guide will liaise with the host and assist them in preparing them for the tasting event. He/she will show the guests specific wines with an opportunity to make an order. The Wine Guide is usually taught on wine tasting allowing them to answer questions from potential customers. Unlike multi-level marketing companies, Wine Guides make their earnings only from sales not the number of people they recruit to Traveling Vineyard. This allows them to focus exclusively on selling wine without being distracted by recruiting people.

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Becoming a Wine Guide is a fulfilling experience that allows one to meet new people and earn money. Wine Guides have a flexible schedule that allows them to sell wines when they have free time. Many stay at home mothers love Traveling Vineyards because they can take care of their family and earn money when they have some free time in the afternoons or evenings.

The process of becoming a Wine Guide at Traveling Vineyard is very easy. One starts by submitting an application to Traveling Vineyard. The applicant is then paired with an experienced Wine Guide leader from their area who answers their questions and takes them to wine tasting parties. The prospect will then go to the Tasting Room where they are educated on wines and sales tactics. One then purchases a Success Kit worth $99. The success kit includes order forms, marketing materials, brochures, wine glasses, decanters and wine carrying bags. Wine Guides then purchase testing kits at $75 each. The Wine Guide will then earn a commission of between 15 and 35 percent based on their monthly sales.

Madison Street Capital-A Reputation You Can Rely On

Madison Street Capital reputation was built on trust. They will provide a custom built approach to investing and offer a wide range of advisory services to assure that their clients growth strategies are met. They offer sound strategic advise in the front-end market approach from raising capital to researching company valuations as well as Back-End final preparations to help companies maintain their leverage throughout the closing process.


Because they have world-wide experience and a world class network of financial sponsors, they can provide small to middle market U.S. companies the opportunity to grow and advance, as well as international companies who want to expand into the U.S.market the perfect guidance for their expansion into the U.S. Marketplace.


And should the out of country guest need to raise capital, they can offer guidance in seeking capital from their world class network of U.S. investors, including but not limited to banking institutions, hedge funds, and private investors.


Look to Madison Street Capital for all of your businesses financial needs.


Madison Street Capital is an investment firm located in Chicago, Illinois and they offer a wide range of financial services to privately held and publicly traded companies, such as the evaluation and execution of acquisitions and mergers, new venture opportunities for new businesses. As well as opt out opportunities for companies looking to sell. Their services include corporate advisory, business valuation, valuation for financial reporting, financial opinions and strategy, asset management and valuation, and wealth preservation and tax planning and compliance advise.


They pay attention to every detail to assure that their clients interest are their top priority. At closing they can use their outstanding negotiation skills to assure that their client will walk away from every deal a winner.


They can provide a clearly defined objective and produce an effective plan of action. They view industry trends and can provide the client with a clearly definable and reliable analysis of their prospective purchases. And if the need arises they can seek out prospective buyers for their clients to assure that their interests are protected.


You can learn more about their award winning customer service and opportunities at http://www.madisonstreetcapital.org.