Fabulous Fabletics; taking over the athletic wear world

In today’s busy world, more people than ever are looking for trustworthy companies that make it easier and more convenient for the every day shopper. Kate Hudson’s up and coming athletic brand, Fabletics, is really making a statement in the online retailing market. Much of the success that Fabletics is achieving can be credited towards the outstanding customer reviews that it is receiving online.

The term “the power of the crowd” is used to describe the companies ability to gain and keep clients and or customers due to their great reviews and success stories posted on the internet. Since the company began back in 2013, they have seen exponential growth by more than 200%, with more than 1 million current paying members. The director of marketing, Shawn Gold states that much of their success is in fact due to their willingness to listen to the customer and make changes accordingly. The overall success of a company primarily depends on its customers therefore, it makes sense to base your business plan around them.

Leveraging the power of the crowd is increasingly becoming one of the smartest and most important business practices that a company can have due to both the availability and reliability of online sources. A recent study found that 84% of people trust online reviews and feedback just as much as a personal recommendation. People are taking to the online community every experience they have both good and bad which is excellent for the consumer because it is a way to create more transparency in a company. The trust and loyalty that Fabletics has gained is truly due to their honest approach to business and listening to and tending to the wants and needs of their customers.

Despite some negative feedback from other celebrities, Kate Hudson is proving herself to be quite a great business partner and entrepreneur. She not only invested her money into the business but also more importantly her time and attention. She works closely with the team when designing new items, and has been said to be very hands on and great to work with “Almost Famous Star”. She never takes herself too seriously, and is always having fun on the job.

Not only is Kate involved with the design aspect of the business but she is also making important customer relations decisions as well as creating and maintaining budget plans. Kate started to realize that some of the negative feedback Fabletics was receiving online was due to the shortage of certain popular products, so rather than sit back and ignore the feedback, she did something about it and upped their inventory on those particular items. It is such business practices that really make a company go from good to great.

Overall, Fabletics has proven itself to be a great up and coming business with unlimited potential. If you don’t believe it, go see for yourself and take a couple of minutes to complete the lifestyle quiz to find out what Fabletics attire would be perfect for you!