How Richard Blair Takes Care of His Clients

Wealth advisor, Richard Blair is changing the lives and finances of people in Austin, Texas. Those who seek top-level services know to seek out the help of Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Blair has been deemed one of the most educated and well qualified advisors in the country. Blair seeks to help individuals protect their financial future with the help of a well thought out process.


One of the ways he does this is by letting clients know that they will be developing a financial plan. The only way he believes to pursue a sound financial future is to come up with a plan including managing their current wealth and planning for their future retirement as well. What is the plan? It is a three pillar plan that covers every inch of an individual’s financial world.


The first pillar is sitting down to lay out the financial road map. This is a period of investigation in which an individual’s strengths tolerance, growth, and otherwise are assessed. The purpose of this to understand where a client is coming from. Unless Blair knows what he has to work with he cannot make a fair assessment of an individual.


The second pillar is designed to help an individual come up with a long-term strategy. It isn’t always the short-term that he wants to know but the long-term goals of a client as well. It all matters. The hope is that should a problem arise the client would not feel as though they are folding. It’s all about stability for Blair, and he wants to pass this onto his clients.


Once Blair has covered the most basic foundation of an individual’s finances, he begins to look at their insurance needs so that they can protect what they have and what they have now planned for ahead. Most individuals only think of their finances as what is happening in the present. They often fail to see that their future is going to be greatly impacted by life changes. This is why saving is important, but furthermore this is about being prepared for what lies ahead and that is unknown.


Richard Blair made the decision to help others with their finances because his mother and grandmother were both teachers. His ability to take those skills and transfer them into helping people plan for their future and finances was appealing to him, and he started Wealth Solutions in 1994.


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