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Overview of Professional History and Hobbies of Julie Zuckerberg

The financial sector is a vital sector of a county’s economy. When financial specialists are looking for jobs, they ought to look for experienced financial recruiters. The best example of the latter is Julie Zuckerberg. The former student of New Yolk Brooklyn College is the current chief executive talent recruiter at Deutsche Bank. Founded in Germany in 1870, Deutsche Bank offers a variety of investment banking services. Julie Zuckerberg holds a degree in philosophy. She also attended New York Law School. At Deutsche Bank, Julie heads the recruitment and management of directors in the United States. Some of the managerial strategies she applies are agency engagement, search firms, and direct sourcing. She also collaborates with other business partners during the hiring.


Julies Work History and Professional Profile


Julie Zuckerberg began her recruitment career in 2002 at the Hudson recruitment and staffing, where she worked for five years. She has served in various law and recruitment firms as a case manager, an attorney, support staffing, and in the candidate paralegal replacements. She performed these duties on behalf of the financial institutions and corporations on both long and short term contracts. She also bridges the gap between the employers and the employees. In 2007, Julie got a job with the Citi Global Functions as a recruiter and vice chairperson of the company. As the company’s recruiter, Julie was in charge of hiring new employees, and giving them necessary training on the services offered by Citi Global Functions such as the Citi Cards. She also advised Citi on compensation trends and competitive markets. Being a tough negotiator, she led negotiations involving immigration, deferred awards, succession planning, and equity buyouts. In 2013, Julie Zuckerberg was employed by the New York Life Insurance Company as the vice premier and chief executive recruiter. In 2015, she was promoted to the position of executive talent recruiter manager. Her roles included creating collaborations with company leaders from private clients and economic wealth, global operations, and asset management to improve strategies and global talent acquisitions.


Work Skills, Hobbies and Leisure


On top of the academic qualification, Julie Zuckerberg possesses different job skills and talents. These include interviewing and negotiating skills, conflict resolution techniques, leadership, strategy, coaching, succession planning, applicant tracking, and human resource management. Julie’s hiring skills are proficient; his firm leadership is popular for hiring top notch talents. She has taken different risky decisions; nevertheless, due to her strategic planning and management they all turned out successful. These skills have played an instrumental role in developing and building her entire career and ensured success in all the positions she assumed. When Julie is not busy in her official duties, she participates in leisure activities such as outdoor photography, running, technological research and arts. Being a professional counselor, she volunteers to offer coaching, conflict resolution, and guidance sessions for employees of various companies in the industry. Julie is also an active associate and member of charitable organizations that deal with human right, social action, civil rights, animal welfare and science fair. She also champions for the empowerment of the less privileged members of the society.